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There are sooooo many things going through my mind right now. 

jobs. jobs jobs jobs 

i wanna find one asap. 

but ive been procrastinating like maddddd like madddddddddd. 

find one. and go overseas first hehehe. 

but i will really want to go overseas for a few months more before i fully commit myself to work. once i start working i probably wont have time/energy to travel. and i dont really like the idea of taking long leaves to go on a holiday, i mean, its like i’ll be leaving behind my work and when i come back, def there’s gna be lots changes and all. sooooo. should travel more before i start work hehehe. 

few locations in mind-

1) Nanjing-Suzhou-XiTang-Zhou Zhuang- WuZheng- Hangzhou- Shanghai

2) Lijiang - DaLi

3) QingHai

4) Inner Mongolia. 

Been doing some research on these places. Definitely, easiest for me to go is 1). i dont have to call for a 包车 and i really love the 江南 kind of scenary. 

butttttt. 2,3,4 are really awesome as well. hmmmm. nvm. eventually i’ll visit all of them woohoo ~ 

okay. find a job first. find one that i can really work hard and contribute kind. 


Check out my new blogs!
we <3 home design

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Check out my new blogs!

we <3 home design

we <3 fashion


And I’ll be on the plane flying to qingdao. 

Thinking back, most of the time I was flying alone. Enjoying it though. 

Realised that as i grow older, I get tired easily interacting with people. By people, i mean strangers. I love hanging out with my friends though, esp those whom i really loveeeeee. no pressure no stress hanging with them. 

it’s kinda weird. i think i used to be reallyyyyyy sociable. love meeting new people, making new friends. but at one point in time, i’m like, noooo. 

i love hanging out with myself too. tea session with myself, movie with myself, and traveling with myself. 

but then again, i love my friends. 

i love talking to them, listen to them talk. 

AND TMR. my first official traveling date with myself. 

no itinerary, no plans, no return ticket(alright, i’m getting them tonight- and i’m feeling sooooooo happy cus im gna transit in hk, i have 24 hours there OMGGGGGGGG hahaha, so weird that i’m falling in love with hk)

and at the end of the trip, i’ll be back to my homeeeee. 

visiting my grandparents and all. though…. i can alr foresee what everybody will be saying… “Marriage” issues. SIGH. 

and it was daddy’s day ytd! nothing much nothing special just that i made pasta for my dad. heeheeeee. 

my dad’s probably the best person on earth. 

he’s basically okay with everything that i do (as long as it’s not bad la) and very understanding. probably to him, as long as i’m doing well, he’s fine with everything. 

he’s the kind of dad who knows exactlyyyyyy how i like my apples (smth that my mum will never understand, dread it when my mum hands me apples). my dad is probably the only one who knows how i like my apples. hahahaa. he knows what i love to eat and what i hate. to the extend that he avoids cooking that when i’m around. he cooks realllllly awesome noodles. smth that my mum cant beat. hahaha. 

my dad is also the kind whom, i can just ask him for his credit card and he wont even ask how much/what purpose am i using it for. hehehe. 

i love my daddyyyyy. i love my family. 

thankful for everything. 

(cant wait for tmr.)